Charcoal Black Scanner

Charcoal Black Scanner
If you're looking for a simple and reliable barcode scanner for your business that just works, look no further! The Brite USB barcode scanner was designed for businesses in retail, distribution, or manufacturing to help with inventory and make operations more efficient. Perfect as a cash register scanner, price scanner, or in any application where a handheld code scanner is needed.

You'll love how simple the Brite USB barcode scanner is to use. No proprietary software needed, nothing to install. Plug in the Brite USB barcode scanner and it just works. Includes a high quality weighted base for automatic hands free scanning. This means the scanner will detect an item under it and automatically scan with no need to press the trigger button (you have the option to turn this feature on or off).

With a 32 bit processor (most scanners are 8 bit) you'll be able to quickly and accurately scan all your existing barcodes such as UPCs, or EANs. Brite scanners also work with your own barcodes you can easily create to set up your own inventory system. The Brite barcode scanner supports almost all linear barcode standards including Code39, Code128, Code93, Code11, 2of5, EAN13, EAN8, EAN128, UPC-A, UPCE and many more.

Not only is the Brite barcode scanner rugged enough to withstand 10 foot drops, it's elegant too! You're able to choose from 7 colors to perfectly match your brand. Or, choose different colors to make it easy to identify which scanner goes where and /or who it belongs to.

You also get a full 30 day money back guarantee along with a complete 2 year warranty. We've been in the business of making people happy for over 10 years and our support is world class. You'll be in good hands with us and we guarantee you'll love using your Brite barcode scanner for years to come.