About Us

Why Do We Make Barcode Scanners?

Our company, Archon Systems, started by creating inventory software in 2007. Since then, inFlow Inventory has become the world’s most downloaded inventory software with 940 000+ users in 120+ countries. It is used in retail, wholesale and distribution. ecommerce, manufacturing and more.

With all this experience in the business inventory space, the most common questions were related barcode. In fact, we ended up writing a book on barcoding too!. The most common question was “Which barcode scanner should we use?”

While there are several scanners on the market today, most are expensive or really complicated to use. Not to mention, every scanner are dull and the same color. :)

This led us to create the inFlow series of barcode scanners. They’re super simple to use, affordable, and come in 7 different colors to brighten up your day. Who says scanners need to be boring?

Do inFlow barcode scanners only work with inFlow Inventory?

While we designed inFlow barcode scanners specifically for inFlow Inventory, you should have no problem using them with any other software program.

In fact, since they’re USB, you can use them with almost any software including Microsoft Excel. However, we highly recommend giving inFlow a try (there’s a free version you can download here).